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Podcast: Building Trust – with Linda Miller

Linda Miller has been with the Ken Blanchard Companies for 18 years! She is their Global Liaison for Coaching. She was also a founding partner with CAM. She shows us how to build trust in any situation.

You can build trust in four areas:

  • Able
  • Believable
  • Connected
  • Dependable

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Podcast: Questions to NEVER Ask

Brian and Chad approach the issue of questions from a different angle. What are some questions you should NEVER ask?

  • Looking to the past – What have you got so far? What have you tried so far?
  • Prescriptive – Have you ever thought about…
  • Judged – Why did you do that? How stupid are you? Really?
  • Collecting information already discovered – Have you thought about anything that you could do about that?
  • Bad timing – What could you do about that? (at the beginning) What about this is really important? (at the end)

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