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Podcast: The Surprising Place Kim Found Determination

This is one of our favorite episodes. We dive into the origin stories of one of the most interesting coaches we know, Kim Izaguirre-Merlos. She talks about her life changing injury, how she became an NPR interviewer, and her life as an immigrant.

You can find Kim on Facebook at

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Podcast: Coach the Person, Not the Problem

Brian and Chad debrief their learnings so far about Coach the Person Not the Problem.

  • Too much emphasis has been placed on NOT coaching the problem. Don’t ignore the problem.
  • There are clues that something internal is showing up in the coaching.
  • The clues lead you to a gateway where you can then coach the person using the problem as a mirror.

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Podcast: Bad Questions. Good Questions. Better. Best. (Rebroadcast)

Bad: Reveal the coaches intelligence, not curious, leading, …


Good: Are designed to get the client to think. Tell me what you are thinking. (Not “Tell me.“) Test questions.


Better: Designed to spur new thinking. Create new awareness. Discovery questions. Thinking in a really different way.


Best: Invite the client to make an internal shift. Shift about themselves, not just about the issue.

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