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Podcast: Sell a Solution Not Yourself

Challenge: Sell a Solution Not Yourself

Clearer about results client is going to get

2 purposes
1. Marketing — Binary, adds value
2. Predictable Outcomes

Five things you could put in a package

1. Monthly/Weekly coaching conversations
2. Assessment – HPP, LPI 360
3. Frameworks — First 3 exploration — Last 3 designing action
4. Tools – SLII, Tolerations matrix, Coaching wheel
5. Resources – Book, Podcasts, white papers, blog posts, Ebook, video training, weekly enews, mastermind

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Podcast: How Laura Built a Powerful Coaching Framework

Rev Laura Stephens Reed has started a coaching practice that focuses on helping churches find the right minister. You will hear how Laura has built a framework for this practice that allows plenty of room for coaching. You will hear about how she focuses on the benefits of coaching rather than the process of coaching as she reaches out to potential clients.

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