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Podcast: Overcoming Arrogance


Doug Guthrie was a rising star in academia until 2013 when, like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun. In 2010, Guthrie was hired as the dean of the George Washington University School of Business. He had great vision but lacked people skills. In 2013, he was released as Dean and had to find a healthy mindset to move forward from a public failure.

In this podcast, Guthrie opens up about those difficult days and how to develop the necessary humbleness to lead well.

Podcast: Setting Context


Setting the context is a skill that good communicators master. When the context is not set, the listener is wondering, “what are we talking about?” It is as if the listener wandered into the conversation halfway through.

A good communicator starts with the context so that the listener can enter the conversation immediately.

In this podcast, Brian asks Chad how he is so good at setting context.