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Podcast: A Coaching Culture in a Ministry Environment


Brian interviews the always energetic Kyle Tubbs, New Church Starts Manager with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, on how his tribe has built a successful coaching culture.

Kyle talks about how to communicate coaching as a value, diverse ways to put it into practice, where to find money to build coaching, and some areas they are experimenting with coaching.

You can find more about Kyle at

Podcast: Get to the Heart of the Matter


Brian and Chad discuss ways to get to the heart of the matter in coaching. Too many coaching conversations just scratch the surface of the issue. The topic as well as the person need to explore at a much deeper level in order to create deep awareness, solid accountability, and a helpful learning plan. Brian and Chad give several do’s and don’ts.

Podcast: Coaching Around Embedded Theology


Everybody has embedded theology. These are beliefs that we have that we aren’t sure where it came from or even whether we truly believe it. A coach can bring this theology into our awareness and provide a safe place for us to give our own theology further consideration.

In this episode, Brian is joined by Dr. Kathryn Helleman, Director of Institutional Assessment and Planning and Adjunct in Christian Ethics at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Together they discuss how to coach around embedded theology.