The Need for a “Z” Goal

A Blog Post by Chad Hall

In coaching we often talk about helping clients go “from A to B.”  In those conversations, “B” is the next place, the next stage, the next reality the client wants to experience.  We all need a sense of what’s next, so we need to know where we are (“A”) and where we want to be next (“B”).  But we also need to think farther down the road – much, much farther.

A “Z” Goal is unlike any other goal a person sets for himself. 

Are You Too Smart for Your Job?

A Blog Post by Chad Hall

In case you haven’t noticed, people are different. While every human has the same worth and dignity before God, we differ in other ways, including intelligence. I’m about to talk about intelligence, and before doing so I just want to be clear that one’s intelligence neither contributes to nor detracts from one’s worth. Okay, now we can proceed.

Fear Not

A Blog Post by Bill Copper

In your coaching life, what are you most afraid of? What worries you the most? What fears hold you back? I suppose for many coaches – especially those who are new to the craft – the answers to these questions would include:

– Fear of failing
– Fear of being seen as incompetent
– Fear of not “getting it”
– Fear of harming your client
– Fear of not making the transition from your previous mindsets

For the more experienced coach, the fears might include:

– Fear of not achieving “success” as a coach
– Fear of slipping back into old habits
– Fear of losing your identity or sense of worth
– Fear of failing making any real difference

May I ask you to trust me for a moment? I’m going to give you the secret to giving up your fears. I’m going to give you the secret sauce for overcoming the fear that might be hindering your best work as a coach. Are you ready…..?

Virtue: Perhaps the Most Important Goal Your Client Can Set

A Blog Post by Chad Hall

Coaches help clients set goals (and hopefully reach them).  And clients have all sorts of great goals, from improving a relationship to raising their performance at work to achieving a big milestone such as writing a book.  But there is perhaps no bigger goal than this: becoming a more virtuous person.

When a client truly desires to become a better person, she is focusing on the most pivotal aspect of life.