Podcast: My First 100 Clients

Episode #146

After eight years of coaching, Brian decided to look at his coaching hours log to see where his clients came from. With 90 unique clients, here are some observations:

  • Not one client came from my website, reading my blog, or social media. Not one. Ever.
  • My first twenty clients came from wherever I could find them.
  • Eight of my first twenty clients were the key to all the rest of my clients.
  • Working these networks produced multiple clients all at once.

Chad and Brian discuss all the results on today’s podcast.

Based on a blogpost found here.

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Podcast: Deeply Held Assumption

Episode #145

Angie Ward is an award-winning regular contributor to Christianity Today leadership publications. She is a highly regarded teacher and collaborative leader with experience in church, parachurch, and Christian higher education contexts. She holds a Ph.D. in Ministry Leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Angie joins the podcast to talk about exploring deeply held assumptions. This is where the conflict really occurs.

3 levels of organizational culture – Assumptions are below the water:

  1.  Artifacts
  2.  Espoused values
  3.  Underlying assumptions

Where can people find Angie? @indyaward, churchmatters.com, church chat podcast

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