Podcast: How to End a Coaching Relationship Well

Episode # 61

In this episode, Chad and I talk about how to end a coaching relationship well. We don’t want to leave the relationship with an awkward feel.

We’ll answer these three questions.

  1. What’s a good length for a coaching relationship?
  2. Does it need to be over? Evidence?
  3. How to not make you or the client feel bad?

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Podcast: Nine Things It Really Takes (Part 4) — Ongoing Growth

Episode # 60

Why do people need to think about Ongoing Growth?
Coaches need an intentional desire to always be a little better.
What are 3 areas people need to grow?
1. Confidence
2. Competence
a. Creativity
b. Risk taking
c. Bottom line
d. Manage time
3. Different kinds of clients
Besides classes, what are 3 opportunities for growth?
1. Hire a very different coach
2. Get feedback on your own coaching
3. Go to a different conference that grows a skill that can be brought into your coaching.

Part I – Episode 49

Part II – Episode 53

Part III – Episode 57

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Podcast: Improve Your Ability to Create Awareness in Your Client

Episode # 59

What does it mean to create awareness?
  • New Knowledge
  • New Perspective
  • New Connections
What are a few ways to improve our ability to create awareness in our clients?
  • Get “pushier” when it comes to challenging your client to expand options
  • Ask better, more thought-provoking questions in contrast to questions that just invite the client to cover familiar territory
  • Dial up your own creativity in terms of what you’re willing to try (and risk)
  • Develop a tool or resource designed to spur client creativity

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Podcast: How Kim Found Her First Ten Clients

Episode # 58

This is a great episode for thinking big!

Four years ago, Kim got an assignment from NPR Latino USA asking her to embed with Major League Baseball teams and study their best Latin American players. From there, her story took one unexpected turn after another. She’s really proud of it. Becoming an Assemblies of God certified coach and trainer, she had the feeling she was doing something very different. And great. The brand new cohort she made with Women In The Church is out today! Fast Track is available now–all 28 sessions, ready for binge-listening–and you can watch it on Vimeo, wherever you get your Facebook, or join an upcoming live session.

If you get to the end, you may need to know that Kim’s howler dog is named Rocky.

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