Podcast: Providing Hope as a Coach

Episode #187


Hope is in definite need in today’s culture. Brian and Chad discuss the need and how coaches can provide hope to their clients.

What takes away hope?

  • Losing belief in yourself.
  • Losing belief in your context.
  • Low sense of your agency.

What can coaches do to provide hope?

  • Coaching can create agency.
  • Coaching can make you believe in yourself.
  • Coaching can make you feel better about your context.

Podcast: Shifting Toward Partnerships – Angie Ward

Episode #186


Shifting toward Partnerships

  1. Scarcity to Abundance (about power)
  2. Fear to Freedom (builds on scarcity)
  3. Top-Down to Side by Side (Mutual accountability)
  4. Category to person
  5. Neat to Messy

Angie Ward is an award-winning regular contributor to Christianity Today leadership publications. She is a highly regarded teacher and collaborative leader with experience in church, parachurch, and Christian higher education contexts. She holds a Ph.D. in Ministry Leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. – angieward.net

Angie’s newest book I Am a Leader: When Women Discover the Joy of Their Calling comes out March 3rd 2020)

Podcast: Coaching Around an Ethical Position

Episode #184


Brian’s guest on this podcast is Dr. Kathryn Helleman, Director of Institutional Assessment and Planning and Adjunct Professor in Christian Ethics at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

Brian and Kathryn discuss the nature of ethical positions, dealing with reality, and how to coach around it. They deal with the questions:

  • What tips you off that there may be an ethical position to coach around?
  • When should your ethical position as a coach trump the coaching mindset that honors the client’s agenda?