Podcast: Steve Kerr Coaching

Episode #157

Without diving deep into the sport of professional basketball, Brian and Chad take a look at the lessons we can learn from Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, who have won three championships in five years. Kerr doesn’t yell or pace the sidelines. He listens and observes much more than he speaks. He creates an open and trusting atmosphere among some of the highest paid and talented athletes in the world. There is much we can learn from Steve Kerr and apply to our coaching and leadership.

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Podcast: Partnering Is a Dance

Episode #156

Jane Creswell, MCC is a Co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries.

She spends most of her time working with corporations to create a coaching culture but her covert mission is to bring Christ in those companies.

Under Coaching Presence coachfederation.org/pcc-markers

  • Coach partners with the client by supporting the client to choose what happens in the session.
  • Coach partners with the client by inviting the client to respond in any way to the coach’s contributions and accepts the client’s response.
  • Coach partners with the client by playing back the client’s expressed possibilities for the client to choose from.
  • Coach partners with the client by encouraging the client to formulate his or her own learning.

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Podcast: Improve Your Coaching to PCC (Rebroadcast)

Episode #154

PCC Quality Coaching is Your Next Step.

Here are four cornerstone elements that support PCC level coaching:

  1. PCC coaches have a balance between focus and exploration. (ACC coaches typically go one way or the other)
  2. PCC coaches are easy to talk to. (not judgmental, conversational, no agenda)
  3. PCC coaches create new awareness. (not “what are your options”, creativity, risks, stimulant to client thinking)
  4. PCC coaches are really good at designing actions. (ACC coaches typically only identify actions)

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