Podcast: Coaching Around Embedded Theology

Episode #180


Everybody has embedded theology. These are beliefs that we have that we aren’t sure where it came from or even whether we truly believe it. A coach can bring this theology into our awareness and provide a safe place for us to give our own theology further consideration.

In this episode, Brian is joined by Dr. Kathryn Helleman, Director of Institutional Assessment and Planning and Adjunct in Christian Ethics at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Together they discuss how to coach around embedded theology.

Podcast: The Magic of High Performance Patterns (part 2)

Episode #179


The High Performance Pattern (HPP) assessment was created by Dr. Jerry Fletcher, a professor at Harvard. Since his death, the HPP has been championed by Coach Approach Ministries.

The HPP honors the fact that everyone can perform at a high level, but the way they get to that level is unique to them. Everyone who has been introduced to this assessment has found it to be profoundly impactful.

Brian and Chad began this talk about the HPP in episode # 177 and conclude their conversation here in episode # 179.

Podcast: Coaching Spiritual Growth

Episode #178


Brian interviews David Cooke, the director of CCLC (Certified Christian Leadership Coach) for CAM. David recently wrote one of our newest classes, Coaching Spiritual Growth.

The Gospel of John, chapter 15, talks about abiding in Christ. This is a description for us of spirituality, which encompasses more than the spirit, but also the body and our emotions.

Here are some bullets of the conversation:

  • Not a formula, but a relationship with Jesus and others – move past individuality – coaching is a good step
  • Exploring discontent (# 6 of 10 stops from Barna’s book, Maximum Faith)
  • Discovering the next step of obedience (try to move forward on Barna’s scale)

You can contact David at dcooke@ca-ministries.com.