Podcast: 9 Things It Really Takes to be a Great Coach (Part 2)

Episode # 53

Continuing the conversation with Chad Hall about his new ebook Nine Things It Really Takes to Be a Coach. This week we focus on three things you really need to learn.

1. Coaching Mindset

2. Coaching Skills

3. Coaching Tools

Podcast – Part 1

Podcast – Part 3

Podcast – Part 4 (Coming Soon)

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Podcast: How to Coach Faith

Episode # 52

We want to share a conversation we recorded with Bill Copper, Brian Miller and Chad Hall about Faith Conversations. This was originally from a podcast series we called Q&A Podcast, only made available to our Community of Coaches membership. Today we want to make this helpful podcast available to you.


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Podcast: Coaching Discipleship

Episode # 51

For coaching discipleship, we interviewed Neil Prentice.

Neil Prentice (http://www.coaching4discipleship.com)

“Go and make disciples” was the command that Neil heard as a teenager.  His passion of making disciples fulfills his value of making an impact in the world. He grew up in a Christian home where he was instilled with solid values, one of which was to make a difference.

Neil understands ministry. He was an Associate Pastor for 19 years in Delaware where he learned about teamwork both with paid staff and with a volunteer staff of over 200.  It was here that he learned the importance of God’s Word in his life. Neil understands the challenges that come along with the pastoral call.

The call to missions was one that Neil wasn’t expecting, but he answered that call and, after 15 years, continues to serve in Mexico. It was during those early years in Mexico that God opened his eyes to Cheryl, a wonderful lady that Neil grew up with in his church.  Cheryl, too, had been called to Mexico. Neil and Cheryl followed the Lord’s leading in marriage in 2004.

As part of their ministry, they have become certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF) to be coaches for their mission agency.  They use their coaching skills in discipleship ministries in Mexico and with Pastors and missionaries around the world.

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Podcast: Make Choosing a Topic Easier

Episode # 50

This CAM’s 50th podcast! Wow!
To make choosing a topic easier, go upstream and find out why the client isn’t showing up ready for forward movement
Other issues covered:
1. Overall topic for the relationship
2. Maintenance client may bop around
3. Third party sponsorship
What do I do today?

This podcast was sponsored by our Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching. This is 9 month ICF approved coach training program that will prepare you to coach those around you to set goals, take action, and reach new levels of success. We have a cohort forming in July so if you’re interested go to our website at www.coachapproachministries.org/coachnow.

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