Podcast: Adaptive Capacity – Interview with Tod Bolsinger

Today Brian interviews Dr. Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory. Tod is the Vice President and chief of leadership formation at Fuller Seminary. He is an ordained pastor and consults and coaches with churches and nonprofits.

Adaptive challenges are those that “cannot be solved with one’s
existing knowledge and skills, requiring people to make a shift in their values, expectations, attitudes, or habits of behavior.”

An understanding of this kind of adaptive leadership has three characteristics:

1. a changing environment where there is no clear answer
2. the necessity for both leaders and followers to learn, especially the leader’s own ongoing transformation
3. the unavoidable reality that a new solution will result in loss

From Tod’s book, a list of questions and suggestions he often asks his coaching clients:

What is the song behind the words that is keeping us all dancing? In other words, what deeper tune of the church is getting played in this circumstance? What is going on in this situation that nobody is talking about but is affecting the whole system of the church? – p 115

I also often coach my pastor clients to give a yearly “I Have a Dream” sermon in order to keep raising the urgency in the congregation. – p 142

As a coach to pastors, I am almost always in the role of confidant. – p 159

I tell my coaching clients, “You must bring yourself to your role, but you are not your role.” – p 211

I often coach my clients, “Make your goal in every conversation to have someone roll their eyes upward (which indicates that they are thinking differently) and say, ‘That’s a great question.’” – p 213

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Podcast: Lenses for Success and Failure

Episode #138

Today’s podcast is about Optimism vs Pessimism. Research shows optimists are more successful. Chad and Brian talk about three distinct ways to interpret success and failure. These can become our lenses for viewing failure and success.

  1. Personal
  2. Prevalence
  3. Permanence

We invite you to take our class on Coaching and Positive Psychology which starts February 18, 2019.

Chad mentioned the author Martin Seligman, who wrote Flourish and The Hope Circuit.

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Podcast: 5 Ways to Coach the Person Not the Problem

Episode #137

Coach the person instead of the problem. Chad lays out some distinctions that help us draw out the fullness of a client. Strangely, we talk a little too much about jockeys. And stay tuned till the very end for instructions on how to download a free tool that will help you dive into today’s topic.

5 aspects of a person:

1. Natural gifts
2. Acquired strengths
3. Personality
4. Spiritual Gifts
5. Character

Chad wanted me to make available a one page breakdown of the 7 Heavenly Virtues. You can download this helpful resource by going to www.coachapproachministries.org/virtues.

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Podcast: Breakthrough Past Burnout

This week we feature an interview recorded for Christian Coaching Magazine by Michael Cheuk. In this interview, Michael interviews Dr. Errin Weisman about her experience with burnout and how she started a coaching practice that helps doctors and working moms to live their best. Errin was trained by Coach Approach Ministries, and we thought you might be interested in her thoughts on burnout and also to see how she is using her coach training to gain the flexibility she desires as a working mom.

Also, as a note, if you’re interested in subscribing to Christian Coaching Magazine, you can do so by going to christiancoachingmag.com and paying $15 per year. This gives you access to amazing articles on coaching and also supports Michael in bringing added value such as through this interview.

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