Challenging Client Behaviors

From the April 2015 Quarterly CCLC webinar. 

Face it, we all have clients who challenge us: the super extravert who talks non-stop, the know-it-all who seems unable to imagine he might be the problem, the Eeyore who can’t consider new possibilities, and the list goes on. Coaching would be easy if all our clients cooperated, but what do we do with the challenging ones?


What about you?  What is one thing you will do differently as a result of this webinar?  Please leave your response in the comment section so others can learn and grow from what you have to say.

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2 thoughts on “Challenging Client Behaviors

  1. I will be more intentional about establishing and revisiting the goal of coaching with people, to enhance and remind them (and myself) of its intrinsic value.
    Thanks for this webinar – it’s a great resource!

  2. I liked the distinction made between processing and venting and will adopt this language into my current lay coach training at my church.

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