Podcast: The Courageous Truth About Women and Time Management

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This podcast originated in a blog post that I (Brian Miller) wrote called The Courageous Truth about Women and Time Management. Laura Stephens-Reed sent me a nice note saying that the post could use a woman’s perspective. She was definitely right! So I invited her on to the podcast.

Rev. Laura Stephens-Reed believes in the power of the local church to change individuals and communities in the name of Christ. Her call is to increase churches’ effectiveness by promoting health in congregations and in the people who lead them.

Laura has been credentialed as a Certified Christian Leadership Coach by Coach Approach Ministries and as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She has also been trained as a Congregational Consultant and an Intentional Interim Minister by the Center for Congregational Health. An ordained minister since 2002, Laura has served churches in a variety of settled and interim roles, including pastor, associate pastor, and minister with age-specific groups.

5 P’s Framework
1. Priorities
2. Permission Getting
3. Planning
4. Parameters
5. Partners


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