CAM 514: Coaching in the Local Church


How do we practice coaching in the local church?

Time will be invested in developing the basic mindset and skillset used in coaching and applying those skills in the local church setting. The course will integrate biblical and theological rationale and reflection in understanding coaching in relation to leadership in the Church. We will specifically look at the following ministry areas: small groups, volunteers, teams, elders, and staff.

Most ministry leaders know how to tell others what to do and how to do it (assign tasks), and they know how to hand things off to others and hope it gets done (delegate). However, there is a world of leadership in between, where we learn how to coach others as they learn, struggle, and grow; how to be a resource and not just a manager.

We will learn together and practice the skills of a coaching leader. In addition, we’ll explore and develop the basic mindset used in coaching and apply that mindset and those skills to the local church setting.

Specific ministry areas explored:

  • small groups
  • volunteers
  • teams
  • elders
  • staff

Online – Wednesdays starting October 19 @ 2pm EDT (Bob Hyatt & Cyd Holsclaw), 1.5 hrs, 8 sessions


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