CAM 508 : Coach Approach to Evangelism and Discipleship


The course introduces the concepts of coaching to the world of evangelism and discipleship.

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This course provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to apply coaching to faith conversations so you can use coaching to support people moving closer to God and deeper in their commitment to Christ.

Attention is given to how a dialogical approach can be effective for evangelism and discipleship, how coaching can be expressed in the ministries of a local church, and the relationship between coaching competencies and Christian practices.

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Online – Wednesdays, starting August 21 @7pm EDT (David Cooke, 1.5 hrs, 8 sessions)

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One thought on “CAM 508 : Coach Approach to Evangelism and Discipleship

  1. Hi

    Please send me more specific details about course 508-
    ie what is the outline for each of the 8 sessions?

    Also because I live in New Zealand I need to clarify if 4pm, 4th April is New York city time,
    if it is then it would be 8am on 5th April for me which would suit.

    Many thanks
    Margaret Cowey-Rodger, PEARL COACHING