Live Webinar

Each month CAM hosts a free webinar for the Christian coaching community

The webinar series is sponsored by CAM and presented by the CCLC.  The schedule for upcoming webinars is below. All are invited!

Coach the Person Not the Problem

January 11, 2018 @ 12:30pm EST

The beginner coach is attracted to the client’s problem. Worry floods the beginner as the clock ticks and the client’s problem remains unsolved. The better coach concentrates on the client and works to set her mind free to get a larger perspective on their problem. The tranformational coach uses the problem help the client see herself from a larger perspective.


Most Recent Live Webinar

How Being a Coach Changed My Life — November 9, 2017

CCLC Coach Training Certification Program

Cohorts forming in July 2017

The Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC) program prepares you to coach those around you to set goals, take action, and reach new levels of success.

The CCLC involves:

  • CAM 101 Intro to Coaching (self-paced online)
  • CAM 501 Foundations for Christian Coaching
    (taught live in an online format over 8 weeks)
  • CAM 502 Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship
    (taught live in an online format over 8 weeks)
  • Group Mentor Coaching including one-on-one feedback from a professional coach (conducted over the phone)