Podcast: Celebrating Jesus

Episode # 24


In today’s episode, we want to talk about celebrating Jesus. We are a Christian organization and as we enter the month that much of the world celebrates the birth of Christ, it only makes sense to me that we send out a challenge to our listeners to Celebrate Jesus. Listen as Bill, Brian, and Chad share their moving stories of Jesus.

Podcast: Beginning and Ending a Coaching Conversation

Episode # 23

beginning-and-endingToday’s episode is a bonus episode that comes from our CAM Leadership team’s Q&A series. In these Q&A’s, we try to go below the surface of the questions. I’m always disappointed when I get access to a favorite author or speaker in a breakout session or on a podcast, and they simply rehash the first chapter of their book. We want our answers to give you a true insider’s look to the world of Christian Coaching. Today’s Q&A considers Beginning and Ending a Coaching Conversation. We hope you enjoy it.

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Psalm 23 As a Tool for Creating Awareness

A Blog Post by Brian Miller

psalm-23Creating awareness does not just occur from powerful questioning. Awareness can be created from most any skill used in coaching. The other day, my coach quoted a famous entrepreneur. The quote came from her listening deeply to what I was saying. When she finished the quote, I automatically made a statement about how I saw myself in that quote and then a gate opened up in my brain. She didn’t just tell me the truth. She unlocked my brain.

This same coach leverages creativity in her conversations. It’s always risky to be creative. You might come off corny. You might miss the mark. But the payoff for good creativity always outweighs the risk. I dare say all coaches should strive to be a little more creative.

You might argue, “I’m just not the creative type.” You don’t have to create from scratch. As Christians, we have at our disposal one of the most beautiful collections of imagery in a book that we call sacred. The Psalms are just true; they are beautiful. They are moving. They are inspiring.

One of my favorite lines is from Psalm 27. The Psalm starts with a statement of faith in God and then descends into a life under attack. He pleads for God not to forsake him. We cringe as we read, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.” How desperate is a person’s life when their own mother has stopped loving them?

The Psalm ends with these strong words:

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. – Psalm 27:13

Look at the strength of the words – confident, goodness, living. The Psalmist says something that I want to say, that I want to be true. It isn’t a trust in the future, a trust in heaven. It is an upgraded trust, a trust in the present. It’s going to be ok.

Psalm 23 As a Powerful Tool for Awareness

A Psalm that has certainly stood out as a classic is Psalm 23. As we transition into a Biblically illiterate world, I hope this Psalm will retain a place in our vocabulary. It is a touching Hebrew poem that touches on at least three stabilizing truths about life with God.

  1. Resources are never lacking with God.
  2. Fear is never a valid response with God.
  3. Goodness and love will always follow with God.

As I describe each section, let me also give an example of how I would use it in a coaching session.