CAM Podcast — A Client on the Wrong Path

Episode # 5

I’ve been there. You’re listening to your client talk about a leadership situation, and you know that they should be more directive in this situation but instead they are concluding that in fact, they should be even better listeners and coach their followers rather than lead.

Perhaps the client is looking for worth or reassurance.

What do coaches do when the client is looking for the coach to speak into their lives?

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CAM Podcast — Defining Your Coaching Niche

Episode # 4

As a beginning coach, my mantra was “I can coach anybody about anything.” And while coaching is easily applied in a lot of areas, it can really make it difficult for a potential client to realize they are exactly who you are looking for.
In a recent event we called Coaching Breakthrough, Chad Hall said that your coaching niche should be binary. For the less nerdish out there, binary simply means off or on. When a potential client hears your niche, they should have one of two responses — that’s sounds exactly like me or that isn’t me at all.
Yet I find coaches are really hesitant to narrow their niche for fear of instantly losing lots of possible clients. It is the rare occasion that someone narrows their niche too far.

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How To Get Out of Bed Every Morning Ready For The Day

Riding a Miniature Pony Doesn't Make a Cowboy Out of Anybody

Stories bring a tremendous lift to my spirit.

Ready for the Day

For Easter dinner, we drove out to my Aunt Lynn’s house which is about 5 miles south of the population 1,200 town I grew up in. After lunch, my Aunt Toni began to reminisce that by this time of day fifty years ago, they would have already saddled up the horses and gone on a ride for the rest of the day. I could see on both of my aunt’s faces that they wished it was fifty years ago.

Aunt Lynn’s husband Tim offered to saddle up old Diesel for her. Tim and Lynn have a few horses in their pasture, but Diesel, despite his strong name, wasn’t a legitimate offer.

Diesel is a miniature pony. My Aunt Toni is fairly short, but even her feet would drag the ground on Diesel. Aunt Lynn didn’t care for her husband’s offer. She defended Aunt Toni (who had married into the family), “No, she could ride.”

Looking over the table at the opposite wall, I saw a wall hanging that read, “If heaven doesn’t have horses, I ain’t going.” An amateur theologian could easily tear that theology apart, but a good coach would hear a valuable nugget in my aunt’s life story. To adapt a quote from Chariots of Fire, she feels God’s joy when she is involved with horses.

A great coach isn’t one who can help a client design action steps. A great coach is one who can ensure the client takes their action steps. Rooting actions into the story of the client is a key to building powerful accountability. The client doesn’t take the planned action out of willpower, but out of destiny.

There are at least three characteristic a coach can tease out of a client’s story to create momentum in all of the client’s desired actions.