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Live Training Courses

Our core curriculum classes are available both online and onsite. Classes listed on this page are offered in English, unless otherwise noted next to the course title.

Online courses meet for 90 minutes once per week for 8 weeks, in addition to four outside hours of coaching skills practice. Onsite courses meet for 16 hours over a two-day period at various sites across North America. Every live training course listed, as well as our mentor coaching, is ICF accredited and can be used when applying for ICF credentials.

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A basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching.

Topics covered include: core coaching skills, coaching conversation model, the biblical basis for coaching, how coaching is distinct from counseling and mentoring, and how can use coaching in their ministries or workplace. You will finish the course ready and able to use coaching at a basic level.

**CAM 501, Foundations For Christian Coaching is a pre-requisite for all other Core Curriculum Live Training.

What does it take to develop a strong professional coaching relationship?

It takes attention to the essentials and going beyond expectations. In CAM 502, we teach you to do just that. In this ICF-approved course, you will learn: ICF ethics and standards, how to help PBC orient around areas of strengths and high performance patterns, the ingredients for a strong first session, and how to go beyond just the doing of coaching in order to really be a coach.

Coaching is all about change.

However, not all change is the same, and coaches need to be able to support three types of change: proactive change, transitions, and deep transformation.

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formerly Coaching and the Brain as a Learning Catalyst

The human brain is a wonderful and wonderfully complex organ.  Knowing how the brain works (and doesn’t work) helps coaches provide better coaching.  In this course, you’ll learn the basics of neuroscience (in everyday English) and how to apply them to your coaching.

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God did not think the world into existence, God spoke the world into existence.

Words matter! And the words and other language elements used in coaching matter to the growth of those you coach.

Practical tools that can be used when coaching clients in a wide range of personal, life and family issues.

Special attention is given to helping you develop the six basic components of personal coaching: goals, toleration, needs, values, boundaries, and standards.

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Coaching isn’t just for individuals — it’s also ideal for teams.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the difference between a team and other types of groups, learn how to develop authentic teams, learn the skills needed to coach teams, how to support teams in overcoming dysfunction, use team covenants, and create alliances.

CAM 508 - Coaching for Spiritual Growth

This course provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to apply coaching to faith conversations so you can use coaching to support people moving closer to God and deeper in their commitment to Christ.

In this course, you’ll learn how coaching can be used to help others grow spiritually. The course introduces several spiritual growth models and coaching frameworks that support spiritual growth as well as insights on how to apply coaching informally and in challenging conversations.

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This course provides an overview of various assessments, inventories, and tools for creating awareness with coaching clients.

Among the instruments addressed will be the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 (LPI 360), CliftonStrengths (aka StrengthsFinder), and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). Attention is given to discerning which instruments are most useful in which client situations, what steps are necessary for utilizing various instruments, and how to promote effective client engagement with instruments. 

You’re called to make a difference in the lives of leaders, but how do you bring real value to the men and women who lead others? 

This course provides a framework for coaching leaders based on solid leadership principles and proven methods for helping leaders raise their performance and grow their potential.  It’s perfect for coaches who work with leaders and those who want to explore leadership coaching as a coaching niche. 

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Too many great coaches have far too few clients.

This course aims to help you create dynamic coaching relationships in order to help you grow your coaching practice — both in terms of quality and number of clients served.

Start Coaching What’s Right With People

The field of psychology has broken its 100-year focus on pathology in the past decade by turning attention to what’s right with people. This field explores topics such as happiness, well-being, strengths, optimism and character and it is ripe for coaches. In this 16-hour course coaches will learn the basics of positive psychology, including the PERMA model, and get equipped with insights and tools to help clients live lives of greater well-being.

CAM 513 - Coaching Church Planters

Your Planters Deserve Trained Coaches

Coaching church planters has its own distinctions. Planters are fundraisers, recruiters, communicators, and more. In this class, we will give 16 hours of live training (onsite or online) that give coaching models and skills specific to coaching church planters. This class is laid out with the foundation of current Church Planting best practices in mind.

CAM Group Mentor Coaching

This is a mentor coaching process that includes ten hours of mentor coaching.

This is a mentor coaching process that includes ten hours of mentor coaching – seven hours through a group coaching/supervision cohort and three hours of one-on-one feedback coaching with at least two mentor coaches. This process is specifically intended to satisfy the mentor coaching requirement for ICF credentialing, prepare clients to successfully complete the ICF performance evaluation, and provide ongoing support as you complete the ICF Credentialing application.

On Demand Video Courses

Coaching for Growth

Empowers and equips you as a catalyst for growth for your clients

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a total newbie, the lessons, resources, and encouragement you’ll gain from this course will make you a more confident, more capable, and more credible coach who can truly coach for growth.


Everything you need to know to successfully use assessments

This on-demand video course walks you through four of the best assessments on the market: The Big Five, Core Values Index, Clifton Strengths, and Conflict Styles. You’ll learn how to use them on three levels, including one where you don’t even have to give the assessment.

Evoking Awareness

Unlock Your Client’s Creative Mind

This on-demand video course will give you the skills and tools to help your clients find new awareness. The course teaches 10 practices and presents 8 tools that are effective at evoking new awareness. This course can be used as 4 hours of Resource Development/Core Competency toward renewing your ICF credential.

CAM 102: Level up to PCC

A Complete Guide to Coaching at a Professional Level

This on-demand video course will help you build your coaching to the PCC level. It also includes material on Coach the Person Not the Problem, as well as several demonstrations of PCC level coaching.

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frameworks for successful coaching

A balanced approach that allows for wisdom and expertise within a true coaching relationship

This on-demand video course will help you build your own coaching framework, which will streamline your coaching and your marketing. We’ll teach you how! This course can be used as 4 hours of Resource Development/Core Competency toward renewing your ICF credential.

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Asking Powerful Questions

(Our bestselling eCourse!)

Creating Client Value Through Awesome Coaching Questions

This on-demand video course is designed to help powerful questions become second nature. You can improve the quality of your questions: We’ll teach you how! This course can be used as 3 hours of Resource Development/Core Competency toward renewing your ICF credential.

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Strong Starts

The low-stress, high-results way to get started with every coaching client

This on-demand video course will give you the confidence to consistently create coaching relationships that are headed in the right direction and lead to fabulous results. This course can be used as 2 hours of Resource Development/Core Competency toward renewing your ICF credential.

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High Performance Patterns

Tapping Into the Power of The High Performance Pattern for You and Your Clients

High Performance Patterns (HPP) is a research-based assessment that discovers a narrative that when followed by the client leads to increased performance. This course will teach you what it is, how to discover it, and how your clients can apply it to their lives. This course can be used as 2 hours of Resource Development/Core Competency toward renewing your ICF credential.

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CAM 101: Introduction To Coaching

In this course, we will lay a solid foundation for you as a Christian Coach

The course is divided into three sections: An introduction to the concept of coaching, an introduction to the skills of coaching, and a primer on how to get started as a coach.