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Like many before you, God has been bringing people to you for years – people seeking direction, in need of encouragement, or sometimes just asking for advice. You knew you were called to help, but you didn’t have a name for it.

Now you do: “Coaching

Our coach training programs give you the skills to expand your calling and natural gifts, equipping you to transform lives.

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Great coaching requires three key elements:


Just because you think you can coach doesn't mean you actually have what it takes.

You have to develop the skills.


Having the skills isn't enough on it's own. You will have to learn to trust the coaching process.

You have to know you have what it takes.


The people you coach need you to help them move forward, and they'll be relying on you.

They have to know you have what it takes.

When you earn the Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC) designation from Coach Approach Ministries, you can have full confidence that you have the skills to coach in a way that is truly valuable and consistent with the best practices in the coaching industry, the principles of Christianity, and your own calling to transform lives.

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Join Brian and Chad every week for an interesting discussion about coaching. Topics include asking better questions, getting more clients, how to improve your coaching, and much more.

Every other week Brian interviews an author or professional coach to give you another helpful perspective. Guests have included JR Briggs, Angie Ward, Reggie McNeal, Rick Richardson, and many more!

  News flash: coaches must be marketers. If you’re going to be a coach who has paying clients, you must engage in some degree of marketing, otherwise, you’ll be a talented coach with nobody to coach. Even though marketing is essential to coaching, I’ve found that many (if not most) coaches do a poor job

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  I’ve been training coaches for nearly twenty years.  My estimate is that I’ve trained two to three thousand people in that time.  My other estimate is that about two-thirds of them have the potential to be good or great coaches.  My third estimate is that less than one percent of them are earning income

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  Coaching is not telling, at least that is what we reinforce with beginning coaches. The telling coach gives answers rather than creates awareness. The telling coach creates dependence rather than fostering responsibility. The telling coach is the easiest coach to ignore. New coaches learn that awareness can be created by asking powerful questions –

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  All my clients have one thing in common: they are human. They aren’t necessarily in need of new ideas, better time management, or even a

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  Serving as the pastor of a congregation involves lots of conversations. During any given week a pastor is likely to provide marriage counseling, share wisdom

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  The discussion that causes the most angst with coaches is the talk about how much to charge. New coaches seem embarrassed about communicating their rate

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  I was talking to a pastor friend about the current state of politics, and he said, “I don’t know how this is going to turn

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  Recently I coached the ownership team of a small service firm with about thirty employees.  One of the challenges they face concerns a salesman who

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  The International Coach Federation recently announced a change to their list of core competencies. The list and descriptions for each competency help coaches know what’s

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