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Copy of How to Become More Present

  Most of my clients navigate difficult leadership waters. They face strong opposing opinions, often accompanied by strong emotions such as anger or shame. Within a culture and an economy of constant change, they cannot be confident of the right organizational direction. Stress builds, joy flees, self-worth lowers, and confidence wanes. They easily become bitter

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The Problem with the Perfect Client

  Once in a while you get a client who is so together it seems they cannot really benefit from coaching. This is a client who is self-aware, organized, moving forward on important projects and goals, and has healthy relationships. Sounds great, right? But what do you coach on when everything is rainbows and sunshine?

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What's reqd for transformation

  Jonah is the story of a caterpillar who God wraps in a transforming cocoon. The caterpillar wriggles uncomfortably through the whole process and complains constantly. Then, the cocoon tears open and out wriggles an irritated caterpillar, who never had any desire at all to be a butterfly. Why didn’t Jonah transform? What does it

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A Framework for Finding Identity

  Sometimes you realize a word you’ve been using frequently is one you poorly understand.  Such was the case with “identity” for me a few years ago.  I knew one’s identity was the answer to the question “Who am I?”  Yet, the answer to that question only begged for more questions.  So I set out

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How to Become More Present

  One of the most striking encounters of presence that I have experienced was at Monticello, the historic home of America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. The sky was dark gray and looked as if it might open and release a torrent at any moment as the Jefferson actor began to speak. There were 20 or

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How Far Can You See

  One of my favorite pieces of useless trivia concerns the distance a person can see over flat land (or more likely the sea) before anything more is obscured by the curvature of the earth.  The distance is about 13 miles for a person 6 feet tall – about the distance a person can walk

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