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The Most Essential Characteristic - Presence

  There is no better time to be present than… well… the present. Only those who are present will affect the future, and the problem is that those who at least appear to be present, those who are often the most aggressive, aren’t the ones I hope will direct the future. Let me give you

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Are Coaches “Super Communicators”  

  New Yorker reporter Charles Duhigg is out to help you and me become better communicators.  In fact, he has uncovered some wisdom that will help us be “super communicators” – people who know how to recognize what kind of conversation they are in and then are capable of using the right skills for making

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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  After I asked one of my clients what she would like to work on, she began to talk about being her authentic self in various environments. My client was expressing angst at some pushback she had received in an environment that encouraged her to be her authentic self but discouraged her from acting in

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Be Kind to Your Clients

  A phrase I keep hearing over and over lately was made prominent by author Brené Brown: clear is kind; unclear is unkind.  The context for the phrase is leadership and the tendency to avoid tough conversation, “including giving honest, productive feedback.”  Brown pinpoints that a culture of being “nice and polite” provides cover for

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Three Distinctions Helpful to Make in Coaching

  In one of our coach training classes (CAM 505 The Language of Coaching), we talk about helping clients make distinctions. That is, helping a client clarify between two related, but not synonymous, words or phrases. Making a distinction unclouds confusion and often brings fresh and invigorating freedom. For example, a common distinction involves the

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Limiting Beliefs that Plague Coaches 

  As professional coaches, we are familiar with limiting beliefs – those assumptions, perceptions, thoughts, and attitudes that hold people back.  We see the impact of such beliefs with our clients on a regular basis and in a variety of forms:  A business owner believes her worth is found in her professional success.    A salesman

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