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Make the Dream a Reality!

For the coaching session to sound like a real conversation, coaches need to go beyond the basics. In a blog post written exclusively for CAM, Trish Bussey Jeter, a sought-after speaker and leadership coach, shares four strong steps to starting a thriving coaching practice. From Trish: As children we dreamed about doing big things—anything seemed

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Three Things About Which Your Clients Really Don't Care

  No matter the profession, anyone in that profession faces an important obstacle when it comes to attracting new clients: potential clients don’t know about or care about the profession in the same way the professionals do.  This is no less true when it comes to the coaching profession.  If we’re not careful, we coaches

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Do You Need a Certification or a Credential

  We’re often asked, “Do I need a certification or a credential? What’s the difference anyway?” These are important questions. The answer to these questions affects two key categories: one, your confidence and two, your credibility. Definitions A certification is awarded to show you have completed an educational program to gain knowledge in a specific

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An Interesting Question that Evokes Awareness

  In the 1970s, managers began to realize that workers needed to be able to think more deeply about their work. Prior to this time, most jobs demanded that employees worked uniformly, repeating the same tasks over and over. As technology blossomed, managers observed that employees needed to make decisions throughout the day. They needed

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Observations Can 10x Client Awareness

  A good observation can create more awareness than the best question. Too many questions can create a monologue from the client. When you begin making observations as you coach, you truly enter the dialogue. Great coaching is a conversation where both the coach and the client bring something to the table. While I still

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Questioning What Cannot be Questioned (1)

  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and have been for nearly 20 years.  Our training programs at Coach Approach Ministries are approved by the ICF.  But even with my fondness for ICF, I have some beef with certain aspects of the ICF.  One of my beefs relates to how the ICF

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