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5 Leadership Truths About Change

  The most important two words you can know in 2022 are Adaptive Change. Adaptive Change is when a group, a team, or an organization adapt to a brand-new environment in order to continue achieving their vision. Over the last ten years, our environment has radically changed, and, over the next ten years, it will

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Bring Your Coaching A-Game

  I don’t know who first came up with the phrase, but the first I heard it was from Tiger Woods.  After a relatively poor showing early in his career, he told the sports reporter he just didn’t have his A-game for those 18 holes of golf.  For most golfers, Tiger’s B-game would be a

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Five Keys to a Strong Partnership

  The keys to partnership are not well documented. Since partnership has changed my life, my desire is to understand it as fully as possible. With this post, it’s my intent to lay out five keys that create strong, healthy partnerships. My focus for this article is a business partnership, but I think these keys

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What Does Masterful Coaching Look Like (1)

  A few weeks ago, I saw an incredible highlight from an NFL game.  For readers outside the United States, the NFL is the highest level of professional American football.  The highlight involved Patrick Mahomes, who plays quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Just as it looked like he was about to be sacked for

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How to Give Feedback to Your Fellow Coaches in CAM Classes

  A guest blog by Laura Stephens-Reed, PCC, CMC.  Laura teaches courses for CAM, leads our Community Learning Labs,  and is also a mentor coach for our Group Mentor Coaching class. If you have taken any of CAM’s courses, you have been invited to share your observations on your classmates’ coaching. An important part of

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The Price a Peacock Pays for Its Pretty Feathers

  Everybody knows the peacock is proud of its tail feathers.  I had a friend as a child whose family had peacocks.  Lots of peacocks.  And all the males had the famous colorful tail feathers that they would often fan into full bloom and display with great pride. The folks who study the evolutionary reason

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