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When is it Time to Quit

  Sometimes otherwise positive messages get absorbed too deeply into one’s psyche.  Here’s an example from my own life: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”    I grew up playing sports.  So have my three children.  I must have heard this saying over a hundred times in those contexts, and, for the most part, it

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There are no Solutions

  On my office wall hang photos of six individuals who’ve shaped my thinking (and my living). I could have twelve or eighteen photos, but I could only find six matching frames at the local discount store. And I am kind of cheap. Anyway, one of my wall-of-fame photos is of the great economist  Thomas

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Is Your Effectiveness in Balance

  Over 2,500 years ago, the great storyteller Aesop shared a short fable about a farmer whose goose suddenly started laying golden eggs. After getting rich from selling some of the eggs, the farmer decides to get all the eggs at once by killing the goose. Unfortunately, the foolish farmer ended up with no goose

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Peculiar in the Pigsty

  About an hour before the tornado destroyed his home, Craig was observing the pigs. Sometimes animals seem to know more about storm intensity than we do. He said the pigs were more agitated than usual. “I watch them for about 30 minutes every night after I feed them.” His comment caught me a bit

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How to Have Crucial Conversations

  I have often said that if coaching was simply about my coach calling me once a week and asking me three specific questions, it would be worth almost any price. Here are the three questions: Who do you need to have a tough conversation with? When are you going to have it? How did

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The Right Posture for Selling

  In 20+ years of coaching and training other coaches, there are few phrases I’ve heard more than the cry of “I don’t like having to sell myself.”  While I empathize with those who voice this concern, I also detest it.  You see, this is the refrain of the under-utilized coaches, the motto of those

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