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Coaching Introverts

  A few weeks ago, I started a series focused on coaching clients based on personality preferences.  After a short break in May, it’s time

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Do Coaches Ask Too Many Questions_

  The International Coach Federation recently announced a change to their list of core competencies. The list and descriptions for each competency help coaches know

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Three Ways to Make Healthy Observations

  Coaching is not telling, at least that is what we reinforce with beginning coaches. The telling coach gives answers rather than creates awareness. The

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Listening Synthesis

  If you asked a beginner coach what a great coach does really well, the beginner coach will likely respond with “Ask great questions.” But

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Ask Butter Questions

  How does innovation happen? Usually by surprise. We often say, “You’ve stumbled onto something,” which means you got there by accident. You meant to

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Coaching Anxious Leaders

  Recently, a church hired me to help them transition after the unexpected death of their pastor. My heart broke for them as they grieved

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