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Is There a Market for Life Coaching

  An Unrequited Calling I received a heart wrenching email a few months ago. A woman, who I will call Lisa, received some coach training and felt like the scales had fallen from her eyes. She could see her true calling. I had the same Pauline experience (Acts 9:17-19) during my coach training. Coaching fit

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Who would want you as their coach

  I’ve been training coaches for nearly twenty years.  My estimate is that I’ve trained two to three thousand people in that time.  My other estimate is that about two-thirds of them have the potential to be good or great coaches.  My third estimate is that less than one percent of them are earning income

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No Clients is Not an Option

  The land of Clientalia is a nation filled with people who are stuck, working toward a goal, unfulfilled in some way, or have a dream they’ve yet to realize.  The citizens there are a creative and resourceful people, and all that’s needed for them to flourish is a resource called Awareactionium.  The mineral is

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An Easy Way to Renew PCC

  The title may be misleading. There is only one way to renew PCC, and it looks anything but easy. Since my PCC renews at the end of the year, it has become imperative for me to understand the renewal process. As I did, the same feeling I get during tax season wrapped itself around

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Coaches Are Mental Health Professionals

  Before we get any further, let me clarify the title of this blogpost.  Coaches are mental health professionals, but we are NOT mental illness professionals.  There is a big difference. Beginning in the late 1990’s the field of positive psychology began to emerge in contrast with the traditional and typical pathological approach to human

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Our Reluctant Statement on Diversity

  Over the past few years, it’s become commonplace (and sometimes even required) for organizations to have a statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  I strongly regret this trend.  So when the ICF requested such a statement from CAM as part of our application to be approved as a Level 2 training program, my first

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