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Copy of Sharing a best practice

  I was on the phone with a potential new client. A previous client had referred her to me and thought I might be able to help. I knew the client was struggling with a recent promotion and since my forte is leadership development, I got a little excited about the possibility. Honestly, my excitement

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Are Your Clients Losers

  Recently, I was working with a seasoned coach/consultant who wants to work with ministry leaders.  Unfortunately, he had hit a roadblock.  The pastors he felt called to coach were not responding and the reason was quite clear – they didn’t think they needed help.    It wasn’t that they didn’t need his help, it was

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Sharing a best practice

  This morning I was coaching a client who I’ve come to love coaching. I wasn’t sure I would. He doesn’t exactly fit my niche, and frankly, I was a little worried he might not find the coaching as valuable as the price I charged him. This has not been the case. And one reason

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Five Coaching Niches (1)

  Honestly, I don’t know if we give the topic of “finding your coaching niche” too much attention or not enough.   On the “too much” side, it seems like the topic has been everywhere in the coaching world for the past decade.  It can sometimes seem that a coaching niche is as elusive as a

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Copy of Lost Cat

  A new coach recently asked, “If you were a new coach and had $1,000 to spend, how would you spend it?” Great question! When I was a new coach, at least half of my clients were online. Today, more than 80% of my clients are online, even if they live locally. So, it is

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Lost Cat

  Someone in my neighborhood lost their cat.  The way I know this is because they have put dozens of signs up within about a 2-mile radius of my house.  The signs are everywhere.  Each sign has a photo of the cat, something about a reward, and a phone number. They are laminated and they’ve

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