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Questioning What Cannot be Questioned (1)

  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and have been for nearly 20 years.  Our training programs at Coach Approach Ministries are approved by the ICF.  But even with my fondness for ICF, I have some beef with certain aspects of the ICF.  One of my beefs relates to how the ICF

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Are Your Clients Running the Plays

  Imagine a football team (American football not soccer) that has tons of talent, a great ownership team, excellent coaching, and all the potential to win lots of games and maybe even a championship.  Imagine the team’s coaching staff draws up plays that make the most of their talent while also taking advantage of the

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Change Model

Change is a complex process that often requires preparation and managing resistance. In a blog post written exclusively for CAM, Kayla Kerner, a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC), provides a valuable framework for successful change management in various areas of our lives, including leadership. From Kayla: I recently updated the trashcan in my kitchen from a

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The Best Coaching Questions

  Okay, so the title of this blog post is clickbait.  Coaches are crazy for questions, and we are always on the quest for a magical, miracle-working question – that question that unlocks the awareness the client really needs.  Offering readers “the best coaching question” is an overpromise of giant proportions.  Maybe I shouldn’t have

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Coaching Skills Beyond the Basics

For the coaching session to sound like a real conversation, coaches need to go beyond the basics. In a blog post written exclusively for CAM, Brady Ross, who recently graduated from our ECC program, shares five ways to take your conversations to a deeper, richer level. From Brady: Most coaches are familiar with the basic

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Even a Robot Knows the Power of Coaching

  It’s summertime and vacation time, so I thought I would be a bit lazy for the June 2023 blog post.  Instead of going through all that tedious work of thinking and typing (oh the effort!), I decided to conduct an experiment and have ChatGTP write my blog post.    With the request to “write a

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