CAM 513: Coaching Church Planters


Coaching church planters has its own distinctions. Planters are fundraisers, recruiters, communicators, and more. In this class, we will give 16 hours of live training (onsite or online) that give coaching models and skills specific to coaching church planters. This class is laid out with the foundation of current Church Planting best practices in mind.


To be effective in coaching church planters through the various phases of the planting process

By completing CAM513 Coaching Church Planters, you will be able to

  • Know the various phases of church planting and be able to support the planter appropriately in each one
  • Facilitate maximum learning for the planter during the residency phase
  • Help planter clarify next steps in building a core group and raising funds
  • Create new awareness in planter to overcome obstacles
  • Encourage multiplication in the process at every level
  • Assist the planter in personal care of the planter and family

Online – Wednesdays, starting August 16 @ 3:30pm EDT (Brian Miller, 1.5 hrs, 8 sessions)


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Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a total newbie, the lessons, 25 tools, and encouragement you’ll gain from this course will make you a more confident, more capable and more credible coach who can truly coach for growth.