504 - The Neuroscience of Coaching

Leverage what we know about the brain to make your coaching even more powerful!


Course Description

*formerly Coaching and the Brain as a Learning Catalyst.

The human brain is a wonderful and wonderfully complex organ. Knowing how the brain works (and doesn't work) helps coaches provide better coaching. In this course, you'll learn the basics of neuroscience (in everyday English) and how these basics apply to help clients retain, retrieve, and leverage new learning to promote growth and goal attainment.  

Provides 16 hours of coach-specific training.

Class meets for 8 consecutive weeks and each weekly session is 90 minutes long. There's also weekly skill practice and homework (30 minutes each week). Check our course calendar for the next available CAM 504 course offering.

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • Understand the connection between how the brain works and why coaching is effective. 
  • Understand the neuroscience behind mindfulness and how this can help both the coach and the person being coached. 
  • Understand the Reticular Activating System in the context of coaching. 
  • Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply it to coaching. 
  • Recognize and address fear so learning can occur.  
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This is a Core Curriculum Training Course!


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Class meets online using Zoom platform, which allows you to see/share video and voice.


Use what you learn to help your clients get powerful results in life, work, and family.


This class provides ICF-approved training for your ACC, PCC, or MCC as well as leading toward CAM's ECC certification.


How does the online class work?

Class meets once a week for eight weeks, with each class session lasting 90 minutes. These meetings are conducted through online classroom-styled software (via Zoom). These will allow you to see other class participants, the instructor, and the instructor's screen throughout your sessions.

The classes are very interactive throughout, and regular homework will be assigned between sessions for your benefit.

Who is teaching this class?

Our coaching instructors are some of the leading Christian coaches in the world. They have written the books, created the classes, and led the way. 

All instructors are ICF-credentialed coaches who bring tons of real-world experience to the classroom.  

Am I qualified to take this class?

We assume you know how to coach effectively, but we don't assume you're the world's greatest coach. If you haven't had any coach training (or haven't had sufficient coach training recently), our Foundations course (CAM 501) is a pre-requisite to this class.

What happens if I miss an online class session?

If you need to miss one of the class sessions, no worries! Each class session is recorded and you can access the recording within a day following the session. If your schedule requires you to miss several sessions, then you should look for another class that better fits your schedule. 

CAM 501 Course Pre-Requisite

For those who are new to coaching, are looking to improve, or are just out of practice, a pre-requisite course, CAM 501 - Foundations to Christian Coaching, is required before participating in Advanced Courses.

This course provides the basic foundation for understanding and practicing coaching.

Topics covered include:

  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Conversation Model
  • Coaching's Biblical Basis
  • Coaching VS Counseling or Mentoring
  • How to Use Coaching in Your Ministry or Workplace

You will finish the course ready and able to use coaching at a basic level as well as enroll in any of our Advanced Courses!

Ready to Get Started?

Without ongoing training and development, the quality of your coaching will start to slide downhill. You don't want that and neither do your clients. 

Take advantage of this course so you'll have the tools, resources, and skills to help your clients experience more out of family, work, and all of life.

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