CAM 508 : Coaching for Spiritual Growth


The course introduces the concepts of coaching to the world of evangelism and discipleship.

This course provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to apply coaching to faith conversations so you can use coaching to support people moving closer to God and deeper in their commitment to Christ.

In CAM 508 you’ll learn how coaching can be used to help others grow spiritually.  The course introduces several spiritual growth models and coaching frameworks that support spiritual growth as well as insights on how to apply coaching informally and in challenging conversations.


Online – Thursdays, starting August 17 @ 12pm EDT (David Cooke, 1.5 hrs, 8 sessions), Online – Wednesdays, starting September 13 @ 11am EDT (Mary Selzer, 2 hrs, 6 sessions)


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Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a total newbie, the lessons, 25 tools, and encouragement you’ll gain from this course will make you a more confident, more capable and more credible coach who can truly coach for growth.