HPP Certification


HPP Certification for those who’ve completed the HPP Workshop (either in person or online).  This is a one-to-one certification experience that will help you support your coaching clients in discovering and applying their own HPP.  You’ll learn best practices and have your first HPP evaluated by a member of the CAM Leadership Team.



Ready to become a Certified High Performance Patterns Coach?  If you’ve had our one-day or online HPP Workshop, then you are eligible to become certified.  Certification involves 2 phone meetings and email correspondence with your HPP Mentor Coach.  Here’s the process:

  1. You will schedule your first session with your HPP Mentor Coach, who will review the HPP with you and offer instructions on how to conduct the HPP Narrative Session, Validation Session, and Coaching Session.
  2. Next, you will work with one of your coaching clients to conduct an HPP Narrative Session, write up their HPP and then conduct the Validation & Coaching Session with your client.  Upon completion of these sessions, you will send the client’s HPP to your HPP Mentor Coach and schedule your second session.
  3. You will schedule your second session with your HPP Mentor Coach to review the client HPP you created, get feedback, ask questions, and to ensure that you have mastered the HPP process.  If your client HPP does not meet the standards of an HPP Certified Coach, you will be asked to re-write the HPP (which could involve additional work with the client) and re-submit the client HPP to your HPP Mentor Coach.
  4. Finally, once your have demonstrated mastery of the HPP assessment and coaching process, you will be recognized as an HPP Certified Coach, receive a certificate and access to the HPP Certified Coach logos, and be listed on the HPP website.


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