Podcast: Set Your Client Up to Win Before You Have Even One Coaching Session

Episode # 42

In this episode, Chad and I talk about what it means to lose with a client and then walk through several areas where you can set your client up for success even before you have one session.

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Podcast: Create a Results Oriented Coaching Package (Rebroadcast)

Episode #41

An old proverb says that a leader with no followers is just going for a walk. We’ve found that a coach without a client is just talking to their self. Bill Copper told me a secret a while back, “People don’t buy coaching. They buy results.” And yet, we as coaches love to sell coaching. “You’ll love the process! I’ll give you plenty of room to think and get clarity and even more, you’ll walk away with confidence.” A few people will buy that, but you won’t start getting loads of clients until you start selling a result. This is especially true when you are hired by a sponsor or an organization. The organization really doesn’t want to hire someone to make you feel better about your job. The organization wants to get a result beyond their original expectations.
In this episode, Chad Hall and Brian Miller explore how to create a coaching package that gets results.