Podcast: 5 Ways to Coach the Person Not the Problem

Episode #73

Coach the person instead of the problem. Chad lays out some distinctions that help us draw out the fullness of a client.¬†Strangely we talk a little too much about jockeys. And stay tuned till the very end for instructions on how to download a free tool that will help you dive into today’s topic.

5 aspects of a person

  1. Natural gifts
  2. Acquired strengths
  3. Personality
  4. Spiritual Gifts
  5. Character

Chad wanted me to make available a one page breakdown of the 7 Heavenly Virtues. You can download this helpful resource by going to www.coachapproachministries.org/virtues.

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Podcast: Building Better Accountability

Episode #72

Accountability is our subject this week, as Chad Hall and Brian Miller answer questions such as:

  • What is importance of accountability?
  • What is basic accountability in the coaching?
  • Should you ask about the actions next time?
  • What are some ways to create accountability structures?
  • What are some examples of accountability?
  • How does accountability change depending on the client?

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Podcast: Starting a Coaching Culture in Your Church

Episode #70


Chuck Gohn is the Senior of a small, independent, non-denominational church on the north side of Pittsburgh. For the last two years, Chuck has been attempting to implement a coaching culture as part of the overall discipleship model for the church.
Reach Chuck at bellevuechristian.church or chuckpgohn@gmail.com.
Challenges of implementation:
  • People don’t “get” coaching or reject as trendy.
  • Because of relational aspect, women gravitate to coaching more than men.
Joys of implementation:
  • High Impact low investment of time. Very good ministry for a person with not a lot of time but has the desire to contribute in a significant way.
  • Takes away the excuse for people not growing in their faith.
  • Small groups have validity, but a person can hide for years. Coaching places them in a growth position
Advice for implementing coaching in the local church.
  • Some are not coachable (need to be creative, resourceful, whole)
  • Take it slow. Don’t advertise a coaching workshop. Hand pick a few people and begin coaching them.
  • Celebrate wins. Get a cheerleader.
  • Require your potential coaches to be coached

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