Podcast: Bad Questions. Good Questions. Better. Best.

Episode # 46

Bad: Reveal the coach’s intelligence, not curious, leading, …
Good: Are designed to get the client to think. Tell me what you are thinking. Test questions.
Better: Designed to spur new thinking. Create new awareness. Discovery questions. Thinking in a really different way.
Best: Invite the client to make an internal shift. Shift about themselves, not just about the issue.

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One thought on “Podcast: Bad Questions. Good Questions. Better. Best.

  1. Hi Brian and Chad! I have to say, this podcast is by far my favorite one yet. Took down a lot of helpful notes for me to work on. So insightful getting to hear how each of these kinds of questions, the good, better, and best can help provide curiosity, clarity, discovery, and transformative experiences for our clients, and how bad questions can do the opposite of all that and become a real disservice to our clients. I think writing out a coaching conversation would be interesting to try out, I haven’t done that really much, but I am curious in trying it out. Thanks again for that helpful tip Chad! also, Brain your funny man…”improving grammatically” I guess I can do that to, lol.

    Thanks CAM!

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