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Podcast: Coaching Gratefulness

Chad Hall says, “You are either cultivating gratitude or resentment.” If that’s our choice, then we’d better be cultivating gratitude. Brian and Chad share some ideas on how to do this in this podcast.



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Podcast: Disciplines that Get Clients (Re-broadcast)

Chad Hall and I talk about a burning topic, “What are some daily/weekly/monthly disciplines for getting clients?” Here’s the list.
  1. Stoke your positivity
  2. Coach somebody
  3. Immerse into your niche
  4. Reach out to someone every day
  1. Visualize your week – Charles Duhigg wrote Smarter, Faster, Better
  2. Make an ask
  3. Add value (from your immersion)
  1. Read one really good book
  2. Show up somewhere monthly
  3. Develop one sales relationship skill
  4. Reconnect with your purpose


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Podcast: Four Ways to Facilitate Group Coaching

Chad and Brian talk about group coaching and give four ways to coach a group.

  1. Coach the group as a whole. The group helps process the group.
  2. Coach the group as a whole. Tap into expertise of the group.
  3. Coach one person in the group. Others stimulated by that. (Jane Creswell describes this in Podcast #86)
  4. Coach one person in the group. Tap expertise in the group.



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