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Podcast: The GROW Model

Brian and Chad discuss the GROW model for coaching and walk through each step. This is a deeper dive than you might have already taken.

  1. Goals (Future)
  2. Reality (Present)
  3. Options (What’s possible? Discerning)
  4. Who, What, When, Will to do it (Designing Actions)

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Podcast: PCC Marker Insights


Jane Creswell, Co-founder of Coach Approach Ministries, joins the podcast to share her insights on the new PCC markers provided by the International Coach Federation.

Previous Jane Creswell podcasts:

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Podcast: The Enneagram – My Honest Opinion

Chad shares his honest opinion about the popular Enneagram assessment. There are things he likes. There are things he doesn’t. Your opinion may be different.

  1.  The specific descriptions of human personality are true
  2.  Overall framework of human personality is not true
  3.  There is no validity backing it up

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Podcast: 5 Keys to Resilience

Brian interviews Joel Cocklin on the topic of Resilience.

Five elements of Resilience:

  1. Positivity
  2. Resourcefulness
  3. strong sense of self (confidence)
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Flexibility – Resilient people are not rigid people

Podcast #074 on Positive Psychology

Some facts about Joel:

  • Pastored for 10 years in PA
  • Entered Army chaplaincy in 1982 for 27 years plus
  • Specialized in family/marriage therapy – 3 year program completed in 14 months – MS in human development and family studies – clinical setting seeing couples and families with myriad of problems at Fort Riley
  • Command chaplain with US Southern Command – a great privilege to be the chaplain and work with a 4 star general and then a 4 star Navy Admiral, working with religious leaders in those countries
  • Senior chaplain at Fort Bragg
  • Retired as a full-bird colonel
  • 9 years as Director of Leadership Development and then as Academic Dean of Winebrenner Theological Seminary
  • Now retired

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