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Podcast: Coaching Meets Spiritual Direction


Bob Hyatt is the director of equipping and spiritual formation for Ecclesia (

Bob talks about the differences between pure coaching and spiritual direction and how he combines them to root the client in his or her identity in Christ. This allows the client to come to issues without an anxiousness, which is essential to leading in the constantly changing world we live in today.

Podcast: Four Steps to Start a Business Correctly


Four necessary steps to launching a business correctly. Scott Brookens from joins the podcast.

  1. Roadmap – Set a simple action plan in place that you can follow so you know what steps you need to take in order to start out strong.
  2. Legal Structure – Get an appropriate legal structure in place for your business to ensure you are as protected as possible.
  3. Accounting Processes – Set up bookkeeping and accounting systems on the front end to ensure you are capturing all your financial data accurately.
  4. Launch – You’re ready. You’re set. So go! Launch party time! Gather friends and family together to celebrate the start of your new business!

Podcast: Skill Trumps Passion


Once in a while you come across a concept that really changes the way you think and approach things. This is true of Cal Newport’s book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love.

Basic concept: Passion follows mastery.

Coaches love things like “passion.” Maybe too much. We’re not saying passion doesn’t matter; we’re just saying that sitting around waiting for passion is a poor strategy. Try things and see what stirs your interest. Let the interest develop into skill, and then mastery will unlock passion.

Usefulness in coaching:

· When a client is trying to “discover” passion.
· Career coaching.
· When faced with a challenge that’s a bit too much, passion is lacking.