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Podcast: Starting a Coaching Culture in Your Church


Chuck Gohn is the Senior of a small, independent, non-denominational church on the north side of Pittsburgh. For the last two years, Chuck has been attempting to implement a coaching culture as part of the overall discipleship model for the church.
Reach Chuck at or
Challenges of implementation:
  • People don’t “get” coaching or reject as trendy.
  • Because of relational aspect, women gravitate to coaching more than men.
Joys of implementation:
  • High Impact low investment of time. Very good ministry for a person with not a lot of time but has the desire to contribute in a significant way.
  • Takes away the excuse for people not growing in their faith.
  • Small groups have validity, but a person can hide for years. Coaching places them in a growth position
Advice for implementing coaching in the local church.
  • Some are not coachable (need to be creative, resourceful, whole)
  • Take it slow. Don’t advertise a coaching workshop. Hand pick a few people and begin coaching them.
  • Celebrate wins. Get a cheerleader.
  • Require your potential coaches to be coached

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Podcast: Coaching in a Parachurch Organization

Delyn Cole is an Assessment and Coaching Specialist with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries USA (Christ Ambassadors).  She has served with Chi Alpha for 29 years.
She often coaches on the topic of balancing full-time ministry and family. Coaching helps ask, “How is God speaking and how does that look in your every day life?”

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Podcast: Your Website Needs Clear Action Steps

In this episode, Brian and Chad assess your website for clear action steps.
Your website’s # 1 purpose is not to give information. It is to let your clients know what action they should take next with you.
You want some type of big flashing button. Well, maybe not a big flashing button, but the point is, the client shouldn’t be able to miss it.
Possible Action Steps
  1. Let’s go on another date
  2. Let’s get married

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