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Podcast: Standards and Boundaries

While standards and boundaries sound boring, this podcast is anything but that!

Standards are personal expectations you have for yourself.  Everyone has standards about such things as appearance, mates, vehicles, organization, and so on.  Standards can be too high or too low.  This can cause conflict.

Boundaries are what we allow other people to do to us or around us.  Boundaries have to be expressed and enforced.  Not everyone is going to like your boundaries.

Chad and Brian break these down and discuss how they interact.

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Podcast: Content-Rich Coaching

Bob is the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for Ecclesia. or

“Content-rich” coaching is when you know how to do/have done what the client is doing.

  • For younger leaders suffering from all clarity, no perspective. They aren’t aware of what they shouldn’t be doing and ought to be doing.
  • For older leaders with no clarity and all perspective. They see all the trees and it becomes incapacitating. They can’t bring it to a focus.
  • For those with specific questions about ministry. Protect the boundaries of the coaching relationship and step into that place of “tell me what to do.”

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