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Podcast: The Top 5 Questions about the Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching (CCLC)


Danelle Miller, Projects Manager for CAM, joins the podcast to answer the top 5 questions she gets about our CCLC coach training package.

What does it stand for? Certified Christian Leadership Coach

1. What is the CCLC package?
2. How do the online courses work?
3. Can I do a payment plan?
4. Is there a way to sample your teaching?
5. What sets you apart from other programs?
Bonus: Do I have to be a Christian?



How can people get a hold of Danelle?



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Podcast: Christian Coaches International

Brian interviews the current president of the Christian Coaches Network International, Marie Trotter. Marie shares about Christian Coaches Network International (CCNi) and also dives into how important it is to have multiple streams of incomes. The conversation ends talking about Erin Meyer’s book The Culture Map.

You can contact Marie at her website You can find CCNi at


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Podcast: Coaching Presence

Brian interviews CAM founding partner Linda Miller, who is currently an Executive Coach with Ken Blanchard companies. Linda is also a trustee and professor at Western Seminary.

Linda shares her understanding of coaching presence and gives wonderful examples from her own life. You are going to be encouraged from just listening to Linda talk!

You can contact Linda at


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