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Podcast: How Kim Found Her First Ten Clients

This is a great episode for thinking big!

Four years ago, Kim got an assignment from NPR Latino USA asking her to embed with Major League Baseball teams and study their best Latin American players. From there, her story took one unexpected turn after another. She’s really proud of it. Becoming an Assemblies of God certified coach and trainer, she had the feeling she was doing something very different. And great. The brand new cohort she made with Women In The Church is out today! Fast Track is available now–all 28 sessions, ready for binge-listening–and you can watch it on Vimeo, wherever you get your Facebook, or join an upcoming live session.

If you get to the end, you may need to know that Kim’s howler dog is named Rocky.

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Podcast: Sell a Solution Not Yourself

Challenge: Sell a Solution Not Yourself

Clearer about results client is going to get

2 purposes
1. Marketing — Binary, adds value
2. Predictable Outcomes

Five things you could put in a package

1. Monthly/Weekly coaching conversations
2. Assessment – HPP, LPI 360
3. Frameworks — First 3 exploration — Last 3 designing action
4. Tools – SLII, Tolerations matrix, Coaching wheel
5. Resources – Book, Podcasts, white papers, blog posts, Ebook, video training, weekly enews, mastermind

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