Podcast: The Quickest Way to Destroy Your Coaching Practice

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An Interview with Michael Marx

Michael J. Marx, EdD is the Founder of Blazing New Trails Coaching. He is a sought-after business and life coach for those who want to explore new directions. Michael’s purpose is to be a catalyst and his greatest joy is seeing people move from having a stalled life to a dynamic one. Michael holds the Professional Certified Coach credential (ICF), the Professional Certified Christian Coach credential (CCNI) as well as being a Certified Professional Life Coach (PCCI). He brings more than two decades of experience in teaching, coaching, and mentoring in an international arena. Michael is also the Immediate Past President of the Christian Coaches Network International and serves as the leader of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Ethics Community of Practice. In 2016 he published his book, Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches. He lives at 8162 feet in the mountains of Colorado with his wife Joy and a dozen sled dogs.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: The Quickest Way to Destroy Your Coaching Practice”

  1. Avatar

    This was such a great conversation to listen to. Thanks for introducing us to Michael Marx. Such a cool dude with tons of insight on coaching. Really brought new awareness to my attention as someone who is serious about starting a brand new coaching business here in the Northwest. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and from your own experience with us Michael! Blessings to you and your ministry.

    Thanks CAM!

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    Sherill Hostetter

    I’m not sure I understand what I would perceive as being inconsistent on something from this podcast. . . I was hearing that it may be a problem to ask permission to pray for someone because they may feel obligated to say yes and therefore I need to be careful to always allow the client to drive the direction. But, on the other hand, I was hearing that if we sense something about the client who is a Christian that we believe is of the Holy spirit, then we should always say it which would be “telling.” What if the person doesn’t believe that what you say is from the Holy Spirit? Then they have to deal with the fact that you’ve just overlayed your “telling” comment with God yet too. Hmmm. Brian, why wouldn’t it be better to ask good questions to help the person discover whatever it is that you sense the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Even in spiritual direction, I don’t want the directee to become dependent on my hearing from God; I desire for that person to hear from God.

    1. Avatar

      Sherill, I must have misspoke at some point. I would not believe that we should tell the client automatically what we heard from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had the ability to tell the client directly, but instead or in addition to, told me. We should find a way to prompt awareness in the client rather than telling them.

      I also felt like we overstated a bit that we have to be careful to ask the client if we could pray for them, with them. As a Christian coach (assuming I have represented myself clearly as a Christian coach from the beginning), I don’t think it is surprising that we might pray together at some point.

      Thanks for clearing up this point. I appreciate it!

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