Executive Christian Coach Certification Training Package


If you are interested in coaching professionally and/or earning your PCC from the ICF, this certification track is for you.  The training pathway includes live coach training, self-paced modules, mentor coaching, as well as written feedback on your coaching and a final assessment that is graded to the PCC level.  Graduates earn the confidence and credibility of a professional coach.

CAM is the worldwide leader in training Christian coaches and the ECC program represents our most rigorous coach training program, culminating in a final assessment that proves you have not only been trained but are competent at a professional level — able to coach practically anyone on any topic.

**Please note that if you have already earned your CCLC or CCLC+ certificate, you can bridge to the ECC program.

The Program Path (All Included in this Package)

The ECC is a complete Level 2 Coach Training Program that provides 140 hours of approved coach training along with 15 hours of mentor coaching, real-time feedback throughout the program, and a coach performance evaluation.  The program takes approximately 24 months to complete while being flexible enough to be completed on your timetable.

  • CAM 101 – Intro to Christian Coaching (3 hours of self-paced online learning)
  • CAM 501 – Foundations of Christian Coaching
  • CAM 502 – Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship
  • 10 hours of Group Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching with Written Feedback
  • CAM 503 – Coaching Change, Transition, and Transformation
  • CAM 505 – The Language of Coaching
  • Observed Coaching with Written Feedback
  • CAM 506 – Personal Coaching
  • CAM 511 – Growing Your Coaching Practice
  • Observed Coaching with Written Feedback
  • CAM 102 – Level Up to PCC (9 hours of self-paced online learning)
  • CAM 5XX – Elective (can be taken at any point after 501)
  • CAM 5XX – Elective (can be taken at any point after 501)
  • 5 hours of Advanced Mentor Coaching
  • Final Coaching Assessment graded at the PCC level (only coaches who pass the final assessment earn the ECC certificate and qualify for ICF’s PCC credential)


  • A coaching credential from the most trusted name in coach training
  • In-depth and personalized feedback about your coaching from experienced and ICF-certified mentor coaches
  • Learning that will your build coaching proficiency through modeling, practice, feedback, adjustment and more practice
  • Training that meets the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation, delivered by ICF credentialed coaches
  • Confidence that you are coaching at the PCC level — truly a professional coach!
  • All the training, mentor coaching and evaluation needed to apply for your PCC credential with ICF after completing our Level 2 Coach Training Program


  • Courses can be taken in any order, but an Observed Coaching with Written Feedback must occur for every two 500-level courses taken.
  • Group Mentor Coaching can be taken concurrently with other training and should be taken after at least two 500-level courses.
  • $7250 reflects a discounted price for those paying in full prior to first class.  Total price if you pay as you go is $7828.

501 starts online February 21 @ 4pm ET & 502 starts online May 1 @ 4pm ET

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