Blog Post: The Shortest Path to Encouragement


“Wow!”  When I took my first coaching class, Sam Farina was teaching the class, and he used one word over and over.  “Wow!”  I decided that day to adopt the power of “Wow!”

Sam said it was a simple word of encouragement.

  • You really look great today!
  • That is a fantastic idea!
  • I’m impressed by your discipline this last week!

“Wow!” can really put the stamp on self-discovery.

I was coaching a client the other day who had an amazing self-discovery.  It was a huge “aha!”  Instead of saying, “Wow,” I was so excited that I said “Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!”  My client stopped and looked at me, and then I said, “I’m sorry.  I meant ‘Wow!’”  Because it was “Wow!”

It can’t be sarcastic.  It can’t be dishonest.  It can’t be fake. 


Encouragement has to be the most underused tool in the kit.  We prefer exasperation, guilt, irritation.

Recently, I ran into a man who had played a small but significant role in my life.  When I was much younger, it was 2 months away from my wedding day, and I was downsized from my job.  Ouch.  I went to the school I was attending and found Dick.  He set aside his work.  Prayed with me.  Talked to me.  Gave me a job suggestion (which worked out really well).

When I saw him the other day, I pulled him aside and told him how much that he meant to me that day.  He didn’t remember the day at all but he really appreciated the encouragement.  A friend of mine told me later he was still talking about how I pulled him aside to say “Thanks.”  He felt so encouraged!

“Wow!”  Encouragement is powerful.

Who could use some encouragement from you this week?  Write down some names.  Let loose some “Wow!”

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