Podcast: Learn Group Coaching From a Pioneer

Episode #86

Jane Creswell is a pioneer in the coaching field and one of the founders of Coach Approach Ministries. Whenever I’m with her, I can feel the power of her coaching knowledge. In this podcast, she describes how to do Group Coaching in such a succinct way that I think you should be able to give it a shot. Group coaching certainly has advantages, which are lower cost for those involved and can actually be higher income for those who do it.

Here are some notes for Group Coaching.
  1. Identify a topic that is important to everyone in the group.
  2. The group comes together with the topic already set so that affinity is very high.
  3. Set up an expectation of how individuals should work in this setting.
  4. Ask the group to share successes in the area of this topic.
  5. While they share, listen for resonance in the group so you can narrow the topic.
  6. Pick one person to be the voice of the group and coach that individual.
  7. Tell everyone else to create an action for themselves as the one is being coached.
  8. At the end, every single person voices their action step.

Contact Jane at jcreswell@ca-ministries.com

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