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Change Is Unavoidable. This Will Affect You.

This is a six part series. I’ll put the links to the rest for your convenience. Change Is Unavoidable. This Will Affect You. Three Ways You Can Prepare for the Coming Change Storm What To Do When the Change Tornado Has You Spinning How to Avoid Drowning in Change The One Thing Change Requires That

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How To Perform at a High Level Everyday

Everybody has a high performance pattern.  When you are performing a task in a high performance pattern, the task feels easy, and you enjoy doing it.  It feels second nature.  You don’t feel worn out.  You feel exhilarated! This isn’t Peak Performance.  You can only function for a brief time at your peak, but you

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The Quickest Path to Better Questions

I pick up my son from school. How was school today?  Good. Did you learn anything new today?  No. I counsel someone in my office. What do you think the problem is?  I don’t know. What could you do differently?  I’m not sure. Is there anyone who could help you?  I don’t think so. Powerful

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Find an Idea Out of Nowhere

Often people don’t have any idea what coaching is.  If I talk about coaching, they start to nod their heads, but don’t make much of a connection.  But when I demo coaching, I see eyes light up.  “Oh!  That’s what coaching is!  That’s really useful!” I was at a conference teaching a workshop on coaching

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The Shortest Path to Encouragement

“Wow!”  When I took my first coaching class, Sam Farina was teaching the class, and he used one word over and over.  “Wow!”  I decided that day to adopt the power of “Wow!” Sam said it was a simple word of encouragement. You really look great today! That is a fantastic idea! I’m impressed by

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How To Get More Out of the First Fifteen Minutes of Your Morning

What is the first priority when you start your day?  For me, it is a fight between coffee and checking my email.  In fact, through most of the day I have a cup of coffee (I drink decaf by the way), and I check my email. The problem with email is that it resets my

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