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Even One Dimensional Coaching Can Create Success

When I think of coaching, I immediately think of sports.  I remember my High School coach telling us there were a lot of kids who couldn’t walk who wished they could do wind sprint after wind sprint.  He coached mainly through criticism, which worked for me on a temporary basis and totally failed to motivate

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What Will Ferrell Has to Do with Coaching

Okay, I admit it: I love Will Ferrell movies.  While sometimes a little too off color, I enjoy the antics of the crazy characters Ferrell plays – characters he describes as having “unearned confidence.” Unearned confidence.  That two-word phrase brings up all kinds of images, some of which are not nearly as funny as Ricky

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Hey Pastors, What’s Your Leadership Style_

Do you trust people or fear people? Maybe you demonstrate a mixture of the two, or perhaps you lean heavily toward one or the other. According to my friend and mentor Bob Dale, the extent to which a pastor fears or trusts those in his/her congregation will have a significant impact on the pastor’s leadership

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What Bonhoeffer Says About Listening

For a few weeks now I have been in a book study with some other Christian leaders in my home city. We are reading Bonhoeffer’s classic book Life Together. It’s a great read and one that has tremendous insight and application for our day. As a Christian coach, I was especially humbled by one particular

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Four Ways to Improve Your Coaching

How can a coach — no matter her or his level of experience — improve? There is no secret to improving; it takes focus, consistent effort and a willingness to grow. That said, there are four basic ways we as coaches can up our game. Like the bases of a baseball diamond, you need to

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Top 10 Misunderstandings about Coaching

What do some people think when it comes to coaching?  Well, they think the wrong things.  Here are ten of the most common misunderstandings I’ve seen or heard from coaches and non-coaches alike: 1.     Coaches mostly give advice.  People who know next to nothing about professional coaching assume it’s a lot like mentoring or advising. 

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