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The Shortest Path to Encouragement

“Wow!”  When I took my first coaching class, Sam Farina was teaching the class, and he used one word over and over.  “Wow!”  I decided that day to adopt the power of “Wow!” Sam said it was a simple word of encouragement. You really look great today! That is a fantastic idea! I’m impressed by

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How To Get More Out of the First Fifteen Minutes of Your Morning

What is the first priority when you start your day?  For me, it is a fight between coffee and checking my email.  In fact, through most of the day I have a cup of coffee (I drink decaf by the way), and I check my email. The problem with email is that it resets my

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The First Step to Waking Your Passion

The first problem most of my coaching clients face is clarity.  My client may have a vague idea of what they would like to see happen, but they can’t state it very specifically.  They know they want to move forward but often, they don’t even know what the next step is. It doesn’t take many

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Three Coaching Benefits Worth Every Penny

If you’re asking, why should I get a coach?  How can it be worth the money?  You’re not the only one.  I ask myself that question from time to time.  And thankfully, I am always happy with the answer. There are three areas that always seem to clear up when we begin to coach. Clarity

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Nothing Will Change Without a Sense of Urgency

A firefighter has a clear Sense of Urgency.  The Urgency is to put out the fire.  They train for it every day.  They dress for it every day.  They even sleep prepared for it every night.  Each fire may require a different strategy.  It may require a different team.  (Some fires require paramedics.  Others may

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How to Clean Up Your Mess in Two Days

Why doesn’t anyone come to our church?  Why is it so difficult to find a job?  Or as I remember high school, why was it so hard to get a date?!  We begin to think that success is impossible. I love the TV show Restaurant Impossible.  Chef Robert Irvine comes into a failing restaurant and

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