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My friend Doug Foltz, Senior Director of Project Development for Stadia Church Planting, recently wrote a short piece called “The Death of Church Planting.” I want to share it with you and see what it evokes in you.

There are all kinds of death that we experience. Our grief can inspire us to new possibilities.

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“The Death of Church Planting”

By: Doug Foltz


There is a death that accompanies every church planter.

Oh if it were only a quick and instant death

But no it feels like a thousand deaths stretched slowly out.


The ache and the pain of God’s call

The agony of a friend’s judging look that says you’re crazy

The rejection of every no when the vision is cast and the ask is made

The dark night of doubt when sleep is fleeting

The loneliness…


My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?!


There is the death of desertion

The death of comforts

The death of convenience

The death of title and privilege

The death of relevance


In the midst of the flogging of a thousand deaths

Don’t forget the death of death.

Where O Death is your victory?

Where O Death is your sting?


It’s through death that life springs anew

A thousand deaths is not for your destruction

It is the refining fire

The sanctifying grace

The restoration of your imago dei


With arms spread cruciform wide embrace death

For it’s through death that you experience life


If you want to hear more from Doug, you can listen to him on our CAM podcast. Search for episodes 021 and 260.

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