Podcast: 9 Things It Really Takes to be a Great Coach (Part 1) – Am I a Natural Born Coach?

Episode # 49

Chad Hall’s newest Ebook is 9 Things It Really Takes to be a Coach. You can download it for free at www.coachapproachministries.org.

Brian and Chad break down the first two “things” in this podcast.

1. A Natural Desire to Help
2. Some Natural Talents
  • Good with people
  • Flexible mind – Flex between big pictures and details
  • Let the client be the hero
  • Strong mind

This podcast was sponsored by our Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching. This is 9 month ICF approved coach training program that will prepare you to coach those around you to set goals, take action, and reach new levels of success. We have a cohort forming in July so if you’re interested go to our website at www.coachapproachministries.org/coachnow.

This is a four part podcast:

Podcast – Part 2

Podcast – Part 3

Podcast – Part 4

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