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The title may be misleading. There is only one way to renew PCC, and it looks anything but easy. Since my PCC renews at the end of the year, it has become imperative for me to understand the renewal process. As I did, the same feeling I get during tax season wrapped itself around my chest: “This is unnecessarily complicated”. You may feel the same way. I hope by the end of this article, you may feel renewal is a little easier to grasp.


Think of renewal as a game. Here are the rules:

  1. There are two buckets.
  2. Each bucket has a level line.
  3. We must fill the first bucket to 24.
  4. Then fill the second bucket to 16.
  5. Here is the key: Whatever overflows from the first bucket automatically goes into the second. (The reverse is not true.)

What goes into these buckets?

To renew your PCC, you need 40 Continuing Coach Education hours (CCEs). There are two types of CCEs – Core Competency and Resource, thus two buckets.

The first bucket needs 24 Core Competency CCEs. The second bucket needs 16 more CCEs, however, they can be either Core Competency or Resource hours.

Tip: Focus on getting as many Core Competency CCEs as possible over the 3 years before your next renewal.

First Bucket Fillers (Core Competency)

Ethics Course: Good news! The International Coaching Federation (ICF) gives you your first three hours. Their ICF Coaching Ethics Course is required. It is a free OnDemand course. Despite it being worth three hours, it took me about an hour to complete. Now you have 3 hours in your first bucket. Well done!

Live Coaching Courses: An easy way to get 16 Core Competency hours is to take a CAM 500 level course. Our 500 level courses are worth 16 CCE hours. There is no limit to the number of hours you can count from a live coaching course. You could get all the CCEs you need just from taking one course a year.

Mentor Coaching: To renew PCC, you do NOT need mentor hours, however, mentor hours do count as Core Competency CCEs for renewal. The maximum you can count is 10 mentor coaching hours. So, if you take CAM’s Group Mentor Coaching for 10 hours or our Advanced Mentor Coaching for 5 hours, those can go in your first bucket.

Learning Lab: If you are a member of our CAM Community of Coaching or are in The Coaching Exchange (TCE), you can attend a live Learning Lab once per month which focuses on a Core Competency. At the end of the year, CAM will issue you a certificate documenting every hour you attended. You can get a maximum of twelve hours through the Learning Labs per year. Also remember, if you went to every Learning Lab for three years, you would have 36 Core Competency CCEs. With the Ethics Course, you would only lack one hour for renewal.

eCourses: Some of our eCourses allow you to receive Core Competency CCEs. For example, if you pass the final quiz for Evoking Awareness, you will be given a certificate worth 4 hours of Core Competency CCEs.

Serving as an Educator: The final two options I’ll mention are for coaches serving as instructors or mentor coaches. This is where I’ll find all my CCEs since I taught at least four different CAM courses over the last three years. Also, when a coach serves as a mentor coach, those hours can also be counted as Core Competency.

If you have filled your first bucket and the overflow has not yet filled the second bucket, then you can start counting Resource Hours.

Second Bucket Fillers (Resource)

Learning Lab Archive: Again, if you are in TCE or the Community, then you can access the Learning Lab recordings. This is considered self-study. You’ll have to document your learning according to ICF requirements. There are over 80 hours of Learning Labs in the archives.

eCourses: While a few of our eCourses currently allow you to take a quiz and receive Core Competency hours, all of our eCourses deliver a certificate for Resource hours. Our newest eCourse, Four Assessments Every Coach Can Use (and Should!) is worth 7 resource hours. That is almost halfway to a full second bucket.

Read Books: You could read any one of Chad’s eBooks for resource hours, or in fact, any coaching book.


Now all you need to do is apply. This is not obvious either.

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your profile (Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page.)
  3. Edit the profile (Button under your picture.)
  4. Scroll down and find My Credentials.
  5. Look for PCC and scan over to the right and click where it says Credential Renewal Process.
  6. Look for two tabs: Dashboard and Continuing Coach Education Hours. Click on the Continuing Coach Education Hours tab.
  7. Enter your CCEs.

Hopefully this simplifies the PCC renewal process for you. If you have questions about how to use our classes or products, please reach out to us on our website.

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