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Four Ways to Improve Your Coaching

How can a coach — no matter her or his level of experience — improve? There is no secret to improving; it takes focus, consistent

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Top 10 Misunderstandings about Coaching

What do some people think when it comes to coaching?  Well, they think the wrong things.  Here are ten of the most common misunderstandings I’ve

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What I Learned from Dean Smith

The longtime coaching icon Dean Smith died earlier this month. Newspapers here in North Carolina haven’t stopped running coverage of his life, his death, and

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3 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Best Employees

If you have a team member you’d like to get rid of (but you lack the courage or ability to just let him go), then

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Hey Coach, What Are You Looking At_

Beginner coaches often seek to add value by helping the client solve a problem. And that’s okay – it’s kind of like, “Problem examined, problem solved, let’s get to the next problem.”

Meanwhile, masterful coaches add value by helping clients grow, develop, and become a new kind of person (often the kind of person who is more capable of dealing with life’s challenges).

One way to move from beginner to masterful coach is to pay attention to where the focus is. There are three options:

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10 Things that Mark a Professional Coach

Every coach starts out as a beginner.  Those who want to add great value to those they coach are not satisfied to stay there — they want to operate at the professional level.
So what does it take to provide professional level coaching?  Here are ten then things that mark a coach as a professional (along with questions/statements the coach might say to demonstrate the competency):

They not only let the client choose the topic

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